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Day 43: Sacramento, Day 3
Friday, February 12, 2010 6:42 PM

This first picture is a candid from one of our chaplain sessions. We spend our time thinking about our speeches, thinking about writing our speeches, writing our speeches, writing our speeches again, practicing our speeches, practicing our speeches—-oh, and of course—-practicing our speeches. We also plan out the statewide friendship service and write articles for the newspaper. But as Hudson says, we're "married not married to time, but to productivity." So we usually end up walking around during our sessions: visiting other program areas, meeting new people and seeing what they are up to.

The delegation dinner was also tonight. It was crazy—this was the first time I had seen my entire delegation all together because during joint sessions, when everyone sits together, I have to be onstage. But the dinner was so much fun! We had a super crazy hyper photo shoot afterward; this second picture is just one of the many we took on our photo rampage.