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Day 6: Time to pretend
Wednesday, January 6, 2010 11:49 PM

I think I've been going about this 365 post thing all wrong. From here on out, I will only write about the story behind the picture instead of rambling off into some tangent about topics semi-related-but-not-really-relevant to the picture.

So, the story behind this photo: On a whim, Alek, Royce, and I decided to go to Michael's. We spent a lot of time touching every little shiny/colorful/noisy/odd-shaped/easily accessible/semi-interesting thing in the store. In this picture, we are playing with these hats we found. Alek is a pink cowboy, Royce is a pirate, and I am King. Afterwards, we went to Hobbytown and played with the wooden people in the wooden castle set. I mention this because Michael's ran out of playthings and Hobbytown had a machine with rotating fluff in its window display that caught our attention.