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Day 27: A Capitol idea
Wednesday, January 27, 2010 7:22 PM

Rather eventful day today! Ryan Señor and I drove down to the local Y to give a presentation about our Y&G experiences to the YMCA Board of Directors. Quite quaint. Then, afterward, we drove to the Capitol building because Ryan had scheduled two meetings with representatives of state senators! Cooler than cool. (And not state senators like senators in DC, but senators of the state, dig?) As Lt. Gov, Ryan is hoping to get the bills that the Youth Governor signs in February and pass them into the hands of those who could possibly do more with our ideas in the world beyond Y&G.

It was really informative. For instance, I learned that legislative aides do a lot of the legwork for their Assembly/Senate members. They're assigned issue areas, research bills that are concerned with that area in their districts, and follow the bills as they go through committee sessions. Sometimes they even have an enormous amount of input into the members' final vote. The people we met with also provided a lot more insight into the passing of a bill, but I won't go into detail.

All in all, it was a productive afternoon. However, this city is so sketch when we're not here with the rest of Y&G…

And, random story, I was going to ask this group of people in green shirts to take our picture (see below), but I ended up asking a random girl walking by. Then, when I got home, I was watching the news and they were interviewing the group of green people on the Capitol steps! Ryan Señor and I were basically on TV by association, the end.