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Day 26: Cave in
Tuesday, January 26, 2010 10:05 PM

A night of the utmost secrecy: caaaaaaaaaaaave innnnnnnnn (read that à la crazed soccer fan yelling "fuuutttttboooooollll"). Technically I am bound by oath not to convey the particulars of cave in to those who have not experienced it themselves. But nub and gist: there is darkness. There are candles. And six people are Chosen. And no one is allowed to tell newbs what the heck it is about. (Last year I was convinced that we were going to be hazed, but obvi, we aren't.) This year, when people kept asking me what it was about, I had quite the hay day dangling lines like "Don't wear your favorite sweater tonight…things could messy" or "I don't know if everyone will be able to last until the end…"

Anyway, this year's cave in was a little more lighthearted than last year's but memorable nonetheless. In this photo, we are the six party people who were "Chosen." Most DEFINITELY a major highlight of my life, being picked by our delegation to—- well…it's kind of hard to explain if I can't even say what cave in is.

The short and short of it: it's a Y&G thing.