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Day 20: Man, I love college
Wednesday, January 20, 2010 6:08 PM

Actually, I wouldn't know, seeing as I have yet to go. (It was a song that was stuck in my head today.) What I do know is that I love being done with college apps. I also had my first college interview today. (I won't say more as to not jinx it.) I'm not too worried or too antsy to get admissions decisions letters though. It's just that, if I don't have a letter, if I don't know whether I've been accepted or not, I can pretend that I got in everywhere. And I like it like that.

This photo shows my elephantine college binder, stuffed full with every single sheet of paper that has ever pertained to anything remotely college-related. The view out the window is what I looked at…every…single…day…that I slaved over my college applications.